Liberty and Society

A lot of people always think of how they get freedom from their society. What is Freedom?

Freedom from the society is called Liberty by Politics. The government may choose whether to give liberty or not. What comes to mind first when you think of liberty is the United States. This is because there the statue of Liberty stood up, the symbol of the the United States.

Liberty and society do not separate. This is because liberty is coined after society.  When you say liberty and society, you are free to do whatever you want without the society telling you stop it. The society is where you belong. There is society where there is no liberty for example the Communist Countries like North Korea, Dictatorial government and the like. The government will have no any concern of what you want to do or where you will go. Just abide with the laws and regulations of the country.

Liberty does not mean you do all things that you will do even if it goes against the regulation of the nation. This is the meaning of real liberty. You decide by yourself without consulting the stand of the society. The society will not have any relationship with your thought and beliefs.

Now, people mistakenly interpret liberty. They think that they are free to kill, free to do things against the conscience of the heart and of the law. Of course, there is nothing that you will not do except the evil things. If this is liberty, why do people doing wickedness have to be punished? Be free to go your way but not to go beyond the limit.

In other words, the meaning of liberty can be found in the human heart.