Dictatorship and Liberty: Pros and Cons

When Adolf Hitler rule over Germany, he made sure that people followed his commands and his ruling lead to death. People whom he despised were killed and he was the one who impose the enactment of the Holocaust. He killed 6 million Jews which is regarded as one of the most tragic story in human history. Since there were many Polish and European Jews, they are so insecurity arose from Nazi. There was no freedom of Jews even walking along the streets.

It is not so much to say that they have made a history of death.This is because they did not attain liberty for themselves. The Jews were just so famous people in the world for the lost of their sovereignty. Liberty is one of the needed things in the world. Of course, there is nothing that is more needed than liberty. How long have the Jews been waiting for their liberty. Many people risked their lives to attain their freedom in their life.

Since many people eagerly desired for independence, they protest or rally just to gain their freedom of action, speech and everything. This means people want to escape dictatorship or autocratic ruling because this will cause the heart of people to shrink and to be unproductive ones. When they are free, they are delighted to do what is necessary for the nation to grow. Dictatorship is never means of protecting people from anyone but this is same with putting someone to jail. This is how liberty and dictatorship works within people.

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