Looking back into the American history of the greatest speeches from 1933-2008

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A speech is something that is delivered by a person that could be of high rank or an ordinary citizen. In this time we will see about the speeches that were not made by elementary or high school valedictorians but by the famous presidents of the United States of America. It is not easy to make a speech. Even if many make their own they can sometimes even forget it. Let us have some understanding of the famous speeches by looking into them in the video below.

There are many famous people who have delivered their own speeches. They can be long or not and they can be very influential or just forgotten in the history. But the speeches above remains in the memory of the people reminiscing the time they were delivered. From the speeches that are encouraging to the ones that are declaring war against other nations or the speeches that could bring a free will action. They vary in content and you can listen to the part of their speeches.

You could understand why they are in one list then after you listen to part of their speeches. The president John F. Kennedy has not just one speech in the video and you can see how a word can be so powerful that it can help people have an understanding and also action. It is very moving to watch the video even if it is quite long. So take some time to watch it.

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