The list of 10 cases of failed attempt to build a Utopian community

Around the world, you can be able to find some problems that people encounter. Even if you will travel to other nations you will like some of the things there but you also will find inconveniences. It is not a perfect world as you can find good and bad side but other places only have much of the negative things as they are under war and so food, clothing, education, social life, death, sickness and many more pile up. That is why many want the utopian concept.

You can see that their mission and goal is good but as people are not in one line of thinking there could be problems to arise especially if the number is many that they cannot be controlled. As many people want to insist their own understanding and freedom as they like so they will surely have a say if a law or command is against their will. It may show that humans have a nature of not wanting to be under the law.

Mans disobedience nature has been the starting point of great conflict and misunderstanding. As was illustrated in the video above. Even if the leader’s goal is good but if the people under him are not then they can be able to have a conflict. Really nothing can be perfect here on earth and all must strive to be in harmony so we will not end up being against each other in many circumstances. Even though it is hard but just be contented of what you have.

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