The list of 10 cases of failed attempt to build a Utopian community

Around the world, you can be able to find some problems that people encounter. Even if you will travel to other nations you will like some of the things there but you also will find inconveniences. It is not a perfect world as you can find good and bad side but other places only have much of the negative things as they are under war and so food, clothing, education, social life, death, sickness and many more pile up. That is why many want the utopian concept.

You can see that their mission and goal is good but as people are not in one line of thinking there could be problems to arise especially if the number is many that they cannot be controlled. As many people want to insist their own understanding and freedom as they like so they will surely have a say if a law or command is against their will. It may show that humans have a nature of not wanting to be under the law.

Mans disobedience nature has been the starting point of great conflict and misunderstanding. As was illustrated in the video above. Even if the leader’s goal is good but if the people under him are not then they can be able to have a conflict. Really nothing can be perfect here on earth and all must strive to be in harmony so we will not end up being against each other in many circumstances. Even though it is hard but just be contented of what you have.

The 11 US places to travel that is highly recommended for the seniors

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Travel is a usual activity in the world. There are many travelers who have made a list that they should travel to the whole world and so they are now putting that into practice. They make a living and then save and then travel. They again work and save and then look for another adventure. They have made a resolution already what places to travel. And it is not just for a certain age of people but in all ages traveling is being done.

In this article is the places that are recommended to be visited by seniors. As they have their own activities and places for them so they are on the list. But the cities are just listed and so you want to know the particular activities or events that are suitable for the seniors then you can be able to search each of them. You can find on the internet many things describing each of the cities. You can even find many stories of many people who have been to them.

One of the places that are in the video is the city of Miami that has great beaches and even the architectures and the very good and unique art. Miami is famous for the beaches that you can visit. You can also take the Big Sur road trip that would allow you to see very good views along the way. You can be refreshed and will feel recharged by the nature that you can experience and see.


The 5 facts you may have forgotten about communism

It was taught in school already about this topic and so we know what is a democracy and what is not. Many nations have been wanting to be independent and so wars were made to make sure someone stands after all the death and war. In history, we can know many wars that have the mission to wipe out one tribe or class of people. If they do they see themselves as the dominant and as the winner. But in other countries, tribes struggle to exist.

That is why there is unending conflict until each of the group or tribe exist together. It was made into movies other wars that had occurred throughout history so we can be able to watch them. But one of the things that still exist in the communist ideal. It was started by one man and then many have followed but it is now being toppled down. Many countries have already given up communism and now is in favor of democracy but still, some countries are communist.

In the video, you can be able to know the things you may have forgotten about the communism. It was started by Karl Marx and it existed for so many years but now only some countries have remained a communist country. Even Korea is divided into two. One is democratic and the other is the communist and they try to outdo each other in the military and also equipment existence.

Looking back into the American history of the greatest speeches from 1933-2008

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A speech is something that is delivered by a person that could be of high rank or an ordinary citizen. In this time we will see about the speeches that were not made by elementary or high school valedictorians but by the famous presidents of the United States of America. It is not easy to make a speech. Even if many make their own they can sometimes even forget it. Let us have some understanding of the famous speeches by looking into them in the video below.

There are many famous people who have delivered their own speeches. They can be long or not and they can be very influential or just forgotten in the history. But the speeches above remains in the memory of the people reminiscing the time they were delivered. From the speeches that are encouraging to the ones that are declaring war against other nations or the speeches that could bring a free will action. They vary in content and you can listen to the part of their speeches.

You could understand why they are in one list then after you listen to part of their speeches. The president John F. Kennedy has not just one speech in the video and you can see how a word can be so powerful that it can help people have an understanding and also action. It is very moving to watch the video even if it is quite long. So take some time to watch it.

The top 10 bucket list road trips recommended for you to make

If you are the type of person who likes traveling and also driving and seeing beautiful and new places then you should also try to have a road trip. Many people travel and they use their own car or they borrow one that they can have. There are also the car rentals that are being offered in many parts of the world so you have an alternative. Other travelers now use their own van and other kinds of cars that are now popular for traveling.

You can see the video here about the places that were taken as part of the list. Many disagree saying that it is biased but truly there is no conclusive list that you can make because each of them has their own features or characters that would make them should be on the list. The purpose of it that I place it here is that it would just serve as a guide and not agree to the video list. I also like the places but I believe there are many more places.

That is why do not take the list as a conclusive one but take some of the places that you like and you can also search for others that you can connect your road trip. You can take a road trip that can go from one country to another and you could be able to see the top travel destinations in those places. A road trip is a very nice experience.

The top 10 presidents of the United States of America

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Now we want to share with you about the list of the top ten presidents of America. Let us have some time to know about those who have ruled the country and that they have made an impact being the president. There would be differences in opinion because there are many people and they have their own choice and they can support anyone that they like. So it is the same in this list presented in the video below that some may disagree with the content.

As you have watched there are ten presidents on this list and it was explained what criteria they have based to make the list. One is what they have made that have a contribution to the society that has its good or positive effect. Presidents have the power that they can use when they are in office and that is why they can be assessed on what they have done for the betterment of a country. So in this list that was given a consideration and there is also a limit.

Putting a limit is due to the reason that one initiative can take years to be implemented and show its effect or result so they did not include all president especially the present. There are many presidents of the United States who have made the country what it is today. That is why you can be able to learn about them in this article through the video above.

The dream of a perfect world: The story of Utopia by Sir Thomas More

If you will ask the people of this world what they think about the word utopia they will answer you that it is the world where everything is good, fair and peaceful. It is the world that people are dreaming to be in as the world we have today is the world with many problems. Because of many things that humans undergo, it is given that they could think of a way to be able to ease the pain. Thus the dream for a utopian world.

You can watch about the explanation of the utopian world in the video above. The origin of it was explained and it originated in the story that was written by Sir Thomas More. It was explained to the world where everything is perfect. There are order and peace and all was fair. From that time on the dream for the world like that is in the minds of the people. That is why there are those who built for themselves societies that would fit the theory.

Even if it was just a theory and a story, it was already in the minds and heart of many people. Do you think a place like that can exist? Where is that place and how can you get there? There are many questions that could arise from it but no one can answer it definitely. Still, the hope is there and it will not pass away until the chaos and problems in this world exist.

What is Freedom in a Family System?

What does freedom means in family? Freedom in a family is a little bit hard to define because of there are different kinds of freedom in each family. Freedom is one of the things that a member wants in a family whether he is old or young. Freedom in the family is doing what you please without being opposed by others in the family for example parents. Sometimes children say that their parents are strict when parents forbids them to do something.

Of course, freedom means you can do what you want according to what is right. If you know that what you are doing is wrong and still you keep on doing it, that is not called freedom anymore. That is what we call fault. This is why there are so many parents going crazy on how to raise their children with correct freedom and they worry so much on how they can let their children understand what correct freedom is so that they will grow well knowing what is right from wrong.

Sometimes, strict parents would forbid their children in everything saying that they want their children’s safety. However, their children will not realize what they have to do in their life. Their freedom of speech, choice, action will not be sharpened and therefore their children will not grow mature. Children have to see experience things so that they will know what freedom is. Freedom is having the power to do what is right from wrong but you will never reach this point if there is no social and physical experience.

The history of the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of hope and freedom

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One of the most desirable things for most people is to have freedom. In history, we can find many records of war and slavery. Even the chosen people have been under slavery for almost four hundred years before being released and that began their journey to freedom. A promise was given to them to stay in a place that would give them the needs and wants of a person but it did not go well because of disobedience. Now we will see the present, past and future.

In the video is the history of the statue of liberty that is a symbol of freedom. It stands high and welcomes immigrants who want to settle n the United States of America. It has been planned and designed for years but because of the lack of funding that also the work to make it is slow. It has been stopped and there is also a protest against it. They say the one who should build and design it is an American as it would be the symbol for them.

But after years it was finally completed and then shipped to the United States of America where they have celebrated it along with the celebration of their independence. It has gone a long way and also it undergoes some repairs and restoration work so that it could stand high even for many years to come. It is such a huge symbol that raise the morale and spirit of many.

Dictatorship and Liberty: Pros and Cons

When Adolf Hitler rule over Germany, he made sure that people followed his commands and his ruling lead to death. People whom he despised were killed and he was the one who impose the enactment of the Holocaust. He killed 6 million Jews which is regarded as one of the most tragic story in human history. Since there were many Polish and European Jews, they are so insecurity arose from Nazi. There was no freedom of Jews even walking along the streets.

It is not so much to say that they have made a history of death.This is because they did not attain liberty for themselves. The Jews were just so famous people in the world for the lost of their sovereignty. Liberty is one of the needed things in the world. Of course, there is nothing that is more needed than liberty. How long have the Jews been waiting for their liberty. Many people risked their lives to attain their freedom in their life.

Since many people eagerly desired for independence, they protest or rally just to gain their freedom of action, speech and everything. This means people want to escape dictatorship or autocratic ruling because this will cause the heart of people to shrink and to be unproductive ones. When they are free, they are delighted to do what is necessary for the nation to grow. Dictatorship is never means of protecting people from anyone but this is same with putting someone to jail. This is how liberty and dictatorship works within people.