Libertarian Government

Libertarian Government is  a government that focuses on liberty of the people. There is no need to control everything about its people because there is absolute freedom of doing their own will. An example of a libertarian government is the government of the United States which is also called a democratic government. In fact, democracy means freedom. Therefore democratic countries are countries feeding its people with liberty and justice. Of course, so many things to consider when people are tasting their absolute freedom. Compared to dictatorship, libertarian government is not that kind of autocratic ruling.

People do have freedom of speech against and pro government. People are allowed to express their free will and the government has no right to oppose them. Dictatorship is such a trauma to people since people will act like slaves whether they are rich nor poor. They will have to listen to whatever the government wants and abide with all the decision of the head. Opposite to no freedom. There might be no distinction between error and right.

Many people knows that when they will have the freedom and be given the right to what pleases them, there will be more happiness and threat will flee from them. Since all people fear loss of freedom, they will not be living a peaceful and happy life. They will always be haunted by fear and unhappiness. Thanks to libertarian, people can now live a life of contentment and a life of joy and happiness. The government that has a thought and consideration for its people is truly a government of just and wise ruling.